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Decking is a popular staging solution which is quick to rig and easy to handle. Widely used in theatre and events; the modular sections are strong and stable, yet offer the flexibility to create both simple and complex structures.

Aluminium scaffolding legs provide a height of your choice and are braced with standard scaffolding components. Units can be wheeled by using a set of scaffold castors. These wheeled units make handy storage trolleys for storing your decks.

There are endless ways to use decking; from drum risers to banqueting tables, set construction and tiered seating which can be accomplished by overlapping the units.

Quick & easy to set up | Strong, safe & multiple uses | Lightweight & easy to store



The modular design means that the same unit can be used to create a flat, tiered or raked stage just by changing the legs. The addition of casters creates rolling risers, guardrails or step units address the accessibility and safety aspects.


A deck platform has no moving parts, so maintenance is kept to a minimum. The tough frame is extremely durable and the plywood top can easily be replaced or repainted.


A standard LiteDeck 8′ x 4′ unit weighs approximately 50 kgs and can carry an evenly distributed load of 7.5 kN/m2


LiteDeck platforms are incredibly simple and quick to build, saving time and money.


  • Staging
  • Set
  • Rostra
  • Tiered Seating
  • Choir Stands
  • Platforms

Wicked Stock

  • Lite Deck
  • Steel Deck
  • Prolyte Stagedex
  • Top Deck Systems


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